Lately I became a huge fan of greens in my morning smoothie – especially spinach, but I would also like to try kale – just couldn’t find some yet. This way I can enjoy all the benefits as vitamin K, vitamin A, magnesium, folate, manganese, iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B2, potassium, vitamin B6, some phosphorus, vitamin E, zinc, selenium and niacin in a small breakfast. Its easy to digest and because its raw no vitamins are getting lost. After such a green healthy smoothie I always feel satisfied without being uncomfortably full and I am able to push through a hard training session without needing some break for digestion. So, what are my favorite accompanists? Avocado – healthy fat source and makes the smoothie sooooo creamy, ginger – gives your metabolism the extra push, frozen banana – I always add some banana to get the carbs my body needs in the morning and for sweetness, but if you add it frozen the smoothie gets a milk shaky consistency *yum*, lemon or grapefruit – you should add some citrus fruit to your greens to coat the earthy taste and either soy yoghurt – for a thick smoothie to spoon or oat milk – for a thinner one to sip down quick. Oh yeah and I nearly forgot the blue little fellas on top: blueberries and from time to time a scoop of nut butter (any kind you prefer)! Try for yourself – the green color might look strange at first, but the taste is going to blow your mind 🙂 !