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So, I am back from the short weekend trip with my boyfriend and I had one run on Saturday morning after a relaxing sauna evening and a great night of rest.

The weather wasn’t as nice as we wished, it was raining from time to time and cloudy most of the day. But we still managed to make the best of it.

Early morning I tiptoed out of the flat and seized those hills and fields (still need to clean my shoes… they got pretty wet and muddy).

I don’t know how many kilometers I ran or how high my heart rate was, since the battery of my pulse watch needs to be changed, but I was exhausted and have a nice little muscle ache in the sides of my thighs from running those hills…

And nothings better than a huge bowl of fresh fruit after sports in the morning!

Later we took a long walk in the rain and had a little barbecue – which I actually enjoy even more since I turned vegan, because now after indulging in corn on the cob, tofu sausage, salad and some bread – I still feel great while everyone else is stuffed. Probably I had a little too much of my favorite red wine though and so I lost the table tennis match against my bf and brother, and I wasn’t in the mood for another morning run today.

But this week I will start with a new training and especially diet boost. Things got too snacky and too much during the last week and I really feel like I need a little kick in the a** to get back on track.

Started off with 20 minutes of Rope skipping Interval Training (Tabata Style: 20 Seconds Skipping 10 Seconds Rest) and thought about bringing my skipping rope along with my running shoes to my next short trips. (I will be visiting my aunt in two weeks and the weekend after bf and me are going on a wine-tasting with my parents).

See: You don’t need a huge equipment to get your exercise – So there is no more excuses to have a lazy holiday 😉 !