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So my goals for this month are:

  • losing some weight (I’m not specific about that, don’t like the pressure behind those set goals and think I’ll go best without it)
  • try some new workout I’ve never tried before
  • try some new food items I have never tried (chia seeds, maca powder, stevia for example)
  • get some bodyrocking done :)!
  • run at least 9 k (my 10k is on 04.09)

Just back from my morning run and it was awesome!!!

But I really think I got something wrong with the time of my 6k last week. I don’t think I did it in 33 minutes, but in 43 – because today i ran:

7.5 k in 57 minutes

Just 2.5 more and I am already at my competition distance. Wohoo 🙂

And since I had no more spinach for breakfast, I had a Violet Monster today:

  • small banana
  • 1/2 cup soy-rice-milk
  • heaped tbs soy protein
  • 1 tbs oats
  • 100 gr fresh blueberries
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon

my very green dinner

cucumber with guacamole-hummus & broccoli with almonds

hmm, and for dessert I am going to have a bowl of banana ice cream (see earlier post) later!