How about including some stairs into your usual run to challenge yourself?

It is one of the best fat loss conditioning drills if you are already used to running about 5 K on a regular base. It will make you sweat like hell, your face might remind walking by passengers of a cooking lobster, but most important: it gets your heart rate up, not only during the stair-run, but even for some time after it and your body will burn those fat you are keen to get rid of.

Including stairs into your workout is easy: you can just use them as an intense warm up for your morning run (as I usually do), or choose to use them as a short high intensity cardio training. run upstairs and jog downstairs, for about 15 minutes, then cool down with an easy round of jogging. If this seems to hard at your current state of condition – try the same with a slower run upstairs and walking downstairs instead.

And never forget to stretch. Take some time (5-10 min at least) for your Achilles tendon, lower leg, thigh and bottom. Believe me, the next day you will be very thankful for investing those minutes – just think of climbing the stairs to your flat, office or in the subway 😉

I also wanted to show you an easy healthy fruit snack Jane from eyeittryeit recently blogged:

Slightly frozen grapes – refreshing, especially in those humid days of summer, you barely get anything filling down your throat. Watermelon is another one of my favorite summer foods and as you see on the picture above: fresh mint leave tea ❤ !

Tomorrow I am going to blog about my first cheat day, why it is important to get crazy ones in a while when your dieting and what to consider on such a day off.