So I decided to give my diet a little boost by adding a cheat day once a week. Means: you are saving all those nasty little cravings over the first 6 days, while keeping a healthy balanced diet and indulge on the seventh.

Sounds like putting back on those few grams you have been working so hard on for one single day of cheating – calm down: I actually lost 100 grams. Probably just due to water loss, because of all the coffee and red wine I had yesterday – but I didn’t gain hell a lot and even if you do so – it will be mostly stomach content and you will give your metabolism a kick in the ass by allowing yourself such a day of feasting: so afterwards your going to lose not only the gained grams, but a bunch more of it.

So how did my first cheat day look like?

I started with a breakfast of one big rye-bun and vegan duo chocolate spread (white & dark chocolate) accompanied by 1 1/2 cups of black coffee.

To make sure some of the indulgence is going to build up some muscles, my breakfast was followed by two tone it up workouts:

Tone up the booty, lower abs and love handles + Tone up your arms for summer

As a midmorning snack I enjoyed 5!!! Carrot Cake Bites with another cup of coffee, and then my boyfriend and me went for a long shopping trip to the city.

We had lunch in a vegan friendly Indian restaurant:

Pan fried rice with green peas, mushrooms, peanuts and hot (damn HOT!) tomato sauce – just made it through half of the portion with some Naan bread and my belly was aching the whole day.

Dessert was a Starbucks Soy Coffee Frappuccino, which helped a bit witch the tummy ache.

And later I tried my changed version of eyeittryeits Coconut Spinach Ice Cream.

I used coconut milk powder and vanilla soy protein instead of the usual milk powder and also veganized the recipe this way. Yummy! And so easy to make!

Dinner (without a picture, I am so sorry) was an onion bun with vegetable shortening and a salad made of cooked beetroot and veganaise. With that I had a glass of Guarana Lemonade and for dessert: 3 more Carrot Cake Bites and one more coffee (next cheat day I am going to replace the coffee by green tea).

Finally we finished the day by chilling out in front of the TV drinking some dry red wine (I had two glasses) and one more Carrot Cake Bite and a Rice Wafer with chocolate spread.

Like I mentioned – a lot of dehydrating stuff on my first cheat day and too spicy food. So next time I am going to work on that. And I was so happy about my green monster today πŸ˜€ . Off for Yoga – have a nice Sunday!