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This delish plate was today’s post run meal.

Actually just the falafel and salad was planned, but then I ended up running 9 K through the pouring rain. Means I would be already able to finish my 10 K yet! So I had to add the quick baked Naan to get some energy for recovery. First about my run and then I am going to babble about how to make this healthy falafel plate.

  • 9 K!!! In the rain – one month before my 10 K.
  • time: 69 minutes
  • average heart rate: 162

So I am going to upgrade my goal for the 4.09. – I want to run a 10 K in under 60 minutes. Cause I think that goals are a necessary part of keeping your motivation level high and pushing yourself.

The next weeks of training are concentrating on speed and interval runs as well as one long distance run per week.

btw – I always avoided running in the rain. Because I thought its nerving, not comfy, making you sick… Oh my, was I wrong. Running in the rain was great. The 9 K today have been accompanied by at least 3 short but heavy rainstorms. With my long sleeve and the cap I got from my boyfriend those were the most refreshing showers I had in my life and I enjoyed keeping running. From now on rainy weather is never again keeping me from running outside.

Healthy Falafel Recipe

  • 100gr chickpeas
  • 30gr firm tofu
  • 1 tbsp rye flour
  • spring onion
  • spices (salt, curry, chili, kumin, whatever)

Fill all of the ingredients (but the flour) in a mixer and mix until you get a slightly chunky mass, add the rye flour and your favorite spices, mix well with a spoon. Preheat the oven to 180°C and form 5 ping pong ball sized falafels out of the flour. Put them on a baking sheet and bake them for 15-20 minutes.

As a side you can choose your favorite salad ingredients, I had

  • iceberg salad
  • spinach leaves
  • cucumber
  • sprouts
  • tomato
  • green olives

and pour some hummus mixed with water as dressing over the salad.

Finally the recipe for the quick bake naan is from (never home)maker.

And to celebrate my achievement today, I am enjoying a glass of dry red wine with a funny movie – cheers!