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I already reported about my first juicing-attempts and today I wanted to start my morning in best raw food way. (No, I am not eating raw. I am just a curious reader and sometimes when I am reading about different diets I find aspects convincing and try to include them into my own diet.) So I prepared this beauty.

ingredients are:

  • watermelon
  • cucumber
  • apple

– perfect for a hot summer morning, refreshing and just a little bit filling without making you sick or feeling heavy. Its also nice if you want to have some nutrients before your morningsport and enjoy your breakfast afterwards.

I was to lazy for sport today and enjoyed the holiday mood, so I just read some blogposts before preparing my quick oatmeal breakfast. And here we come to our second topic – why you should probably not drink your coffee with your breakfast:

I’ve always been a huge fan of my morning coffee and since I am a breakfast person, 1-2 cups (or with a long sunday breakfast meal sometimes even 3) were a must have part of the meal. But I am also a person who needs her fruit in the morning. 90% of my breakfasts include fruits, often even all the fruit I would eat for the whole day.

This was perfectly fine until I wanted to give blood for my 3. or 4. time and was recognized with an iron deficiency. I was surprised, eating healthy, a lot of fruits and vegetables, where did my deficiency come from? The nurse gave me a paper and for the first time I heard about combining foods and the results this could have:

If you eat your fruit with caffeine or dairy products, your body is not able to absorb their iron.

Thats why I usually avoid to have my coffee with my breakfast, but wait for at least 1-2 hours, to give my body some time for digestion. If you are not a vegan, you should probably consider to eat your fruitsalad without yoghurt and your fruity oatmeal with a dairyfree milkalternative.

So whats about the coffee next to my morning oats?

Enjoying holidays I enjoyed an exception of the rule 🙂 …