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is the first one out of the Front Door.

thats exactly how I felt today.

I was kind of sluggish, had nothing to do and it was raining in the morning, I had a little tummy ache, my boyfriend and me had a nice filling lunch (more on it later) and my bed was just tooo comfy. I also had already a tennis class yesterday, and not that I was still exhausted or had muscle ache from it, but it still was one of the excuses I put forward thinking about – do I go for a run today or not?

Then I started watching a video vlog of antishay (you guys probably know this amazing girl – if not, its worth checking out, she is quite inspiring in the way she achives her goals). And she just came back from a run and was talking about how great she was feeling though she didn’t feel like working out before. I just thought about it for a second, got changed, configurated my new puls watch and was out of the door.

Ok, it wasn’t my best run and I wasn’t feeling as great as when I did the 9 K two weeks ago, due to a few reasons: its not my usual running time – but thats exactly what I try to learn, to run later and after having an actual meal, my nose was really disturbing – just been at the doctors this morning and found out that I am allergic to all kinds of pollen and third my tummyache was killing me.

Still: I ran 7.6 km in 56 minutes and I am proud and feeling so relaxed and happy right now.

Took a picture of my post-run green monster, because I really wanted to show you those swimming ice penguins!

And the second thing I wanted to present today is a super healthy breakfast staple chinese people enjoy often as first thing in the morning. I like to eat it when I am a little bit hungover as a late breakfast or otherwise just as tummy-warming lunch like today.

Rice Congee

Preparing Rice Congee takes some time and is best done in a rice cooker, because otherwise you have to keep an eye on the pot for qite a while. Easiest is to just use rice-leftovers from the day before, but you can also make it with raw rice – in that case add 20 minutes more to the cooking time.

You can also use all kinds of different ingredients apart from the rice and add them just as you like. We had today:

  • brown round grain rice leftovers
  • mu’err mushrooms
  • yellow zucchini
  • cauliflower
  • smokey nut tofu

Placing all the ingredients in the old taiwanese rice cooker my flatmates mum gave to us, adding a lot of water (don’t be afraid of adding bout 4 up to 8 times as much as you would use to cook rice) and letting the rice cooker take care of it, while I enjoyed the time I could spend with my boyfriend without having to watch out what the food is doing.

But take care! – if you are using raw rice you should probably add the veggies and tofu a bit later.

If the rice cooker is done and you would like a smoother consistency feel free to add more water and give it another round. (The whole process can take from 1 – 3 hours, so its probably not the best dish to prepare when you are already hungry and not patient enough to wait.)

Finally I added vegetable broth and soysauce. Done. (From time to time I’ll use misopaste instead if the broth – experiment with the taste, to find out what kind you prefer.)

I am really curious – do you have recipes you brought home from your trips across the world, which you love that much, that you make them on a regular base?