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So, last weeks cheatday was kind of canceled, because I spend half a cheat week at my aunts. And after feeling so sick on my first one, I decided to give it another go and see how it works out.

This will be a blog full of delish food pictures and a lot of sinful meals – so probably not the best idea to read this when you are on a diet :p – just a warning.


my first green juice made of:

1 head of romaine lettuce

1/4 cucumber

1 carrot

1 apple

3/4 lemon

a small piece of ginger




– and it was so goooooood, really refreshing and a great kickstart for my metabolism in the morning, preparing it to deal with all the foodmasses which were about to follow.


Bodyrock – Hot In Here

2. breakfast

4 small slices of kamut bread topped with:

  • radish-beet-root spread and cucumber
  • rocket and almond-nut-tofu
  • vegan mayonaise, avocado, tomato
  • vegan duo chocolate spread

accompanied by my favorite tea

green tea with ginger and maple syrup


falafel dürüm – a turkish dish made of a thin wrap, different kinds of salad, falafel & hot sauce

(I didn’t make it through all of the wrap, but I finished of the filling)


3! of the chocolate-peanutbutter-cups I made in the morning, following a recipe out of alicia silverstones cookbook “the kind diet”.

the two layers were delish, but next time I am going to use less margarine and more cookie crumbs for the first one.


no picture!

My boyfriend and me been surprisingly invited by my parents to join them for barbecue. So I had a small platter with oven roasted potato, corn on the cob, salad and pita bread. And a glas of greek white wine.

late evening indulgence

and this is the part were the cheating got really bad and which was just to much for my poor little stomach:

potato crisps and red wine – no problem so far – but then we had bought an apple strudel earliert this day and some vegan vanille ice cream and planned on finishing this for dinner – when we unexpectedly been invited at my parents little barbecue thing, we still had no intention to give up on our strudel-plans.

So each of us had three servings like in the picture above (my boyfriend with more ice cream, my last portion was completely with out) – and afterwards I fell in a food-coma. My tummy was aching and I could just sleep and sleep and sleep until nearly 9 pm today (and usualy I am an early morning person).

So… to sum it up: The second cheat day wasn’t much better then the first. I think next time I am just going to enjoy some sweets on cheat day and have a nice meal in the evening or something like that. But definitely not overdo it like that again. The pain is not worth the metabolism-push!

Question: How can people eat such foodmasses everyday without the wish for a change?