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Just my second WIAW and I am a) belated and b) have just a breakfast picture.

After getting up at 6:30 am….

I had some Yoghurt topped Oats, which are the best breakfast if you cannot decide weather to have warm oatmeal or crunchy cool cereal.

On top of the plain soy-yoghurt I added some spelt cereal, almonds and 1/2 a banana.

And from here on my boyfriend and me jumped into the car and went to a big german theme park, to have our belated second anniversary. I actualy planned on taking some pictures, but our food this day was mainly consisting of licorice, grapes, pb&jelly sandwiches and sugar-roasted peanuts 😀 .

So to make up for it, I have a “What I Ate Thursday” for you:


1/2 banana


soy yoghurt

1 scoop sunwarrior

frozen berries

juice from 1/2 an orange

coconut flakes

Snacks (pre- and after-lunch)

Rye-Bread with Almondbutter & Raspberry-jelly + An Apple and a Nectarine


Brown Rice Spinach Tomato Salad (with some pine nuts and olive oil)

btw – I had my snacks and lunch at work. It can be so easy to bring healthy meal options which are far more delicious then the stuff one can eat in the cantine. And it really does not take a lot of preparation time. The rice was left over and to add the other ingredients took me probably about 10 minutes – no biggie.


Steamed Hokkaido Pumpkin and Sweet Potato topped with Basil-Oregano-Yoghurt

(Just a quick fix after two hours of tennis class – which was brutal cardio exercise this time, so I had to move my weekly long run to saturday, to give my body time to recover properly.)


Dry Red Wine (tried a new one from Italy and I had a lucky pick, its perfect) and Dark Chocolate (just a piece)

Oh, and if someone is wondering that the last meal looks like it belongs in my weekly cheat day – I have forgotten to mention: I am dropping the cheat day thing. I tried it twice now and even though it might be giving every diet an extra push, I don’t think its the right thing for me. Makes me feel sick in the evening and having a food-hangover the next day is just not my style.

I prefer the “have a treat a day” rule and go for more healthy sweets and snacks, instead on overdoing it on processed – no nutrition – stuff.

How do you incorporate sinful delights in your regular diet?