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After my last post you probably might have already guessed right: I’m a freak for japanese food.

One of my all time staple dishes is miso soup with soba noodles:

(and yes, I know, japanese people might despise my untraditional mismatching)

And one can make me very happy by taking me out for some sushi.

Salmon and avocado with a side of seaweed salad is my favorite combo … just a hint ๐Ÿ˜‰ . Those on the picture above were actualy todays lunch, which I enjoyed in Dusseldorf with a friend… who helped me shopping around for the theme of this post:


This box is the high point of my japanese food addiction! It has two levels, so that you can take different dishes, or rice/noodles seperated from a side of vegetable. In frontย  you can see an Onigiri-Box, which will play a special role in a post to come and some “muffin-forms” to build compartments in one of the levels.

Of course I had to prepare my first bentobox with tomorrows lunch for work – though I was really tired of the whole afternoon of shopping, after bustling around due to stupid paper work for my bachelor exam in the morning – and I am pretty proud with the result:

sorry – the light was bad

So floor No. 1 is filled with Soba Noodles, Tofu and Nori and floor No. 2 with Hokkaido Squash and Edamame. Yum, can’t wait for tomorrows lunch…

Finally, after I was done with my japanese lunch box, I thought it was time to give one of the kabocha fashionistas muffin-recipes a try:

Chococonut Muffins

I just made half of the recipe and got 5 pieces out of it and I replaced 1/4 of the dark chocolate chips with coconut flakes, oh and the coconut flour 1/2 with coconut milk powder and 1/2 with vanilla soy protein. They look great and I am curious how they will taste.

Whats your favorite japanese dish?

And someone out there who has a bento box?