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Its a bulk of pictures which you can expect from todays WIAW πŸ™‚ but they are all worth to be posted, so I couldn’t leave something out.

First thing in the morning:

green juice

romaine lettuce







Followed by an amazing breakfast:

Chocolate Chia Pudding with Weetabix and Nectarine

Then I had to get my final paperwork for my oral BA exam application done. Next Thursday I’ll get the reading list for preperation and then a month of me sitting in the library studying haaard will follow – yay -.-*.

So to get a little fuel before my run, I had one of those delish little Banana Bread Bars which I prepared last week.

Theres just one more left and then I will start to experiment with my own creations.

Easy breezy Run

So todays run was supposed to be an easy 5 K. No rush, no harm. Just get a bit running and rest afterwards due to my 10 K on sunday… yeah… that was the plan.

The weather was kind of unpredictable and it got pretty cold and cloudy outside, so I decided to wear my old multi function longsleeve for running:

1. For those who noticed: true, my right eye is smaller and slightly swolen – stupid pollen allergy, while running I am getting no air through my nose at the moment – 2. I really need to buy a new running longsleeve for autumn…

So after a short fight with my puls watch (I still don’t get how to reset the stopwatch without reseting the whole data, mhmpf) I got out and started jogging. A bit sluggish at the start, but then I figured out, that I was in the mood for some speed and I changed to running instead of jogging. The air was great, and I took some pictures on the go:

a) stretching (I’ll always have a litte 1-2 minute break after my first kilometre to stretch properly)

b) my favorit spot on this route: a small bridge

c) two old men sitting on a hill and playing some board- or cardgame

The last one was so impressing to me. I somehow enjoy watching old people sitting outside and playing games. Its a difference I noticed between most old chinese people and most old german people. The chinese have a real busy social life after they retire. They go into parks, have their morning sports, meet new people, try new hobbies and are always doing something. A lot of old germans sit in their houses in front of their TVs instead, get fat, sick and lonely and bored. Hopefuly I will be more like those two old men in the picture when I am their age.

So after my secret stalking πŸ™‚ I finished the 5 K in 32 minutes, wohooo! And was soooo exhausted after this ‘easy run’, that I just spend the rest of the day hanging round, preparing stuff for the university, sewing a pencil case for myself and of course – eating!

I had a pretty russian lunch as post-workout-meal:

Beet Salad with vegan Mayonaise, Buckwheat and a Fresh Salad

As an Afternoon Snack I enjoyed one of the Chococo Muffins (-> thanks Kabocha Fashionista for this great recipe – those thingies make my tastebuds happy, they have a nice moist and soft texture and are just soooo chocolaty)

And finally for Dinner I ate:

Cauliflower Soup with Hokkaido Squash and Tofu

and a Homemade Vegan Ben and Jerry’s:

Vanilla Soy Ice Cream, Plum Jam (my moms homemade), Almond Butter and Chocolate Chips

Hope you all had such a nice wednesday!