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Just a short message, because its sunday late evening and I wanted to report of my horrible disaster of a first 10 K … or lets call it an “almost first 10 K” …

I was squirelly, a little nervous, but perfectly prepared and so ready to go.

Then – 10 minutes before starting time, dark dark clouds were gathering over our heads and the comentator started making jokes about people should help holding the tents on the ground in case the thunderstorm starts blowing them around, so nobody will get hurt. haha -.-

Starting Signal, we went off and just around the corner and heaven opened its watergates, like we say in Germany. You couldn’t see your own hands, the ground turned into a muddy mess with calf-deep puddles, my earphones started slipping out of my ears and my clothes were soaked in seconds.

Some runner stopped under roofs on the side, some went back directly and the rest ran faster and faster as if they aimed to get as fast as possible to goal and into dry clothes. However, I made it through the first 2,5 K long round in about 15 minutes (my usual time would be about 19 minutes) and I decided to stop for my health and security when I saw my boyfriend waiting shortly after the start/finish line.

So, yeah, a pretty disappointing end to the run I was training and waiting for for weeks. But when I came home I sat down and searched the internet for near by 10Ks in september – and believe it or not, there will be one next sunday just a stone’s throw from where I live.

Problem – it will take part even later (3 pm… remember? I am a morning runner) and it will be a city run, so instead of running on soft park ground I would have to run on asphalt. To prevent another disaster I decided to try out a long asphalt run tomorrow evening first and if everything goes well sign in.

Oh and to give this whole post a sweet end, I have some delish pictures for you:

Zucchini Bread Muffins

I am going to update this post tomorrow and add the recipe. Have a nice sunday evening!