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After a day of studying (and about 2 more hours to go…) and lot of eats, I am just giving you a quick look on my culinary day and there will be some more interesting reads over the next days.


(I already had a cup of coffee and 1/2 a slice of bread with cherry-marmelade at my boyfriends, before having the rest of my breakfast on the train)

Cornbread Zuccaple Muffin, 1 Nectarine (the banana was consumed in the afternoon)


Homemade Smoked Salmon & Avocado Sushi (bf and me been assiduous preparing yesterday), Edamame, Steamed Spinach with a ditch Sesame Oil

Afternoon Snacking

1/2 pack Mentos Liquorice,

while studying





1/2 Wholewheat Pitabread with Almond Butter & Agave Syrup plus a cup of good Coffee Americano





Ricewafer with Peanutbutter, Raspberry-Jam & dark Chocolate Chips

(my everyday snack)




Curried Apple Pumpkin Soup after Amandas (Running with Spoons) recipe

just added a bit more ginger and cinnamon and used fresh pumpkin – this soup was really delish, thanks for the recipe 😉

Kinda Dessert

crispy, salty Seaweed *yum* & 1/2 more Muffin later with my Ginger Green Tea

So its midweak and weekend comes closer – yeah, can’t wait.

I’m back tomorrow with a new exciting recipe! Off to study…