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Proudly reporting: I ran my first official 10K yesterday in 64 minutes and 30 seconds time. *duh*

Thats all to say about – Best I can do is finish in 72 minutes and that would be great

The weather was ugly at the beginning. But not to compare with last sunday – and another plus: it was a cityrun, so no muddy ground and knee-deep puddles. And it stopped raining while I was running.

Of course I had to make the beginner’s mistake and start off way to fast. I finished my first 4 rounds (the 10K covered 8* 1,25K rounds) in under 30 minutes and with a heart rate of 185-190. No fun. Thought about never taking part in a run again and was gasping for breath. Then I noticed how fast I went and took 2-3 short walking breaks during the 5th and 6th round to get my heartrate down.

And took it easy the last two rounds, which really were fun again. At the end I actually had enough power left for a little sprint towards the finish line.

My boyfriend who was taking all of the pictures above (and a lot more), though it was so cold and rainy, was so motivated by the whole atmosphere of the race, that he decided to join my next 10K – after the winter break.

And then I will probably finish in under 60 minutes time… 😉

But know as I promised I will share with you what I found out the best for me to eat before a race. I have an irritable stomach when it comes to high intensity sport and am not able to have a proper meal before a long run, even if there are hours of time for digestion in-between.

So of course I fueled up on complex carbohydrates the days before the race. I had whole wheat noodles, bread, rice, oatmeal, dry fruits and so on.

But I really had to think of what to eat the whole day before my 10K at 3pm.

During my training I noticed that I have no problems with fruit-smoothies or puree. So after waking up as early as 7am and having a big bowl of oatmeal with apple and figs and whole wheat flakes-topping (uh yeah, that was a meal 🙂 ), I went light through the following hours.

with a) an Apple Banana Mash topped with Figues

and b) a Green Monster made of 2 cups of spinach, 1 spoon Sunwarrior Protein, 1 frozen Banana and a lot of blueberries.

How do you fuel for a race without risking to get sick while running?

Here we come to our last point today:

The Accountability Challenge

Week 1

Its a challenge started by Shanti (her vlog: antishay) about loosing track of goals you are aiming for, becoming aware of it and making small goals to get back on track.

I think its great to have ambition in following goals and lack of it will just leave you disappointed with yourself and discourage. So to start small and stay in the theme of my blog, I made a few health related goals for the first week.

But next week I will add some study- and job-related goals.

Those goals are not fixed. If I notice that they are not the best steps towards the healthy lifestyle I am aiming for, I will change them over the weeks.

If you think this challenge is exactly the thing you need right now to get something in your life back on track and would like to take part – feel free. Its an open challenge by Shanti from youtube.com/antishay and I would like to transport it to the blogworld. So just add a comment with the link to your post if you want to take part. I might put the links in the sidebar.