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Busy busy studying and working, and kind of just on the road – thats why the Juice Cleanse Report comes belated.

I started off with juicing in the morning and prepared 3 juices for breakfast and studying in the library:

First a huge portion of Green Super Juice, which I divided into 2:

romaine lettuce, celery, cucumber, spinach, 2 small apples, 1/2 lemon

great Juice to start your day energized… but in the future I will prefer a slightly more filling breakfast, or fruits and later a warm lunch. Because though my morning was ok… later I was enjoying this Carrot-Monster:

3 large carrots, piece of giner, 1/4 lemon, small apple

Yum! So far my favorite juice. Definitely going to make this again soon. It had some “zing” with the ginger in it.

so – though the morning was ok. Around lunch time my freezing (I am always freezing, so I didn’t really mind at the beginning) was getting so bad, that I had to leave the library (which is kept a few degrees colder than I prefer, due to preservation of the books) and went home, where I drank my second portion of the Green Super Juice.

And in the afternoon because the freezing got even worse I decided to have a fruit based juice:

1/2 Orange, Pear, Apple, Nectarine, Carrot, piece of ginger

this turned out so sweet, that it was nearly to sweet for me 🙂

So at the end of the afternoon I gave up. I felt like an icicle and couldn’t concentrate on my studying.

Around dinner I broke my Juice Fast with this Carrot Pulp Muffin:

made from the pulp from my Carrot Monster …

and after this recipe. (I used flax seed eggs to veganize it and less oil and sugar.)

So much about the Juice Cleanse. I don’t think its a bad thing in general to overfeed your body with vitamins and minerals for a day – but next time I’ll try it will be a hot summer day and not autumn.

Have a nice weekend! I’ll be back soon with a post about healthy food to go.