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Hey there!

Hope you all had a great weekend and a recreative sunday. I did!

Originally the plan was to post about healthy meals to go today, but I forgot the pictures on my laptop and am using my boyfriends laptop, since we are at his place. So instead I want to share with you some pictures and thoughts on vegan comfort food.

After an hour of mindblowing yoga in the morning – my boyfriend was joining me due to a promise he made yesterday night over two shared bottles of wine 😀 – we headed over to a vegan brunch event, which the local group hosts once a month. Everybody brings some food, a vegan chef is cooking live, drinks are for free and afterwards you are contributing some money. A great way to share good eats with other vegans and have a great sunday brunch with lots of diversity.

But it made me wonder how different people feel about comforting food. You can say without doubt that I do have a sweet tooth, so I brought one of my favorite Banana Breads with Walnuts. But the other dishes placed on the buffet were proove to every stereotype you might have about vegan food: lentil/vegetable/chickpea patties, noodle salads, rice salads, homemade whole wheat buns with some vegetable spread, and two different soups containing faux soy meat. Ok there was some dry apple bread thing left as well (my banana bread was so much better) – but otherwise I was a little disappointed about the lack of creativity.

I mean, ok, we were late and a lot of dishes were already emptied (there was an empty plate with a sign saying “chocolate cupcakes” – making me really sad), but still, is thats it when most vegan think of one of their favorite comforting foods to share with other vegans?

When I don’t set priorities on health effects and figure-consciousness than I would go with treats like this: (A few example pictures of my recent eats)

Sweet Potato Pumpkin Soup (inspired by Lisas Sweet Potato Soup from Healthful Sense) with 1/4 cup grinded almonds, a lot of coconut milk, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Accompanied by half a corn on the cob – pure perfection. I am eating soup on a daily base at the moment – its getting cold over here in good old Germany and winter should be icy this year – so there will be a lot more soup to come.

Yesterday bf and me went to the new shopping mall in his homecity (which is amazing, but so unbelievably tempting – not only the fashion, cosmetic and assecories stores, but also food and viands shops) and we had our lunch in the malls foodlounge. Its amazing how many asian fast food shops are placed there, felt like heaven for me ;).

I decided to go with Thai Chickpea Curry and the place had my favorite soft drink I enjoyed so often in Shanghai: Coconut Juice with Pulp.

(My boyfriend had Taco and Potato Fries – sadly its close to impossible to get vegan mexican food in Germany.)

Later my not so health-conscious saturday was capped by this tiny beauties:

Spelt Chocolate Cookies, from my favorite organic brand (their prices are quite affordable). Mhm, I enjoyed them with those two bottles of wine I shared with my boyfriend and am back on track since the mindblowing yoga class this morning (to close with the beginning).

What are your favorite comfort foods?

In what situations do you feel the need to have more comforting then healthy food?

And a question I am going to repeat from post to post over the next week:

Any suggestions for great vegan food items I should buy on my London trip in the beginning of october?