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Week 1 Recap

So first week of me taking part in Shantis Accountability Challenge is over and so far I did well, but there will be a change in plans for next week.

I started my Sport Diary by making an excel chart:

And I took it a bit easier this week – felt like I deserve a break after 10K training. This week there is definitely going to be more cardio again.

You see that I was taking part in two yoga classes and I am not going to mention yoga in this weeks AC, because there are just two classes I can take with my favorite instructor (the others at my gym kind of suck – she is hardcore!) and so there is no room for improvement. As long as I am not getting lazy I see no point in making this part of the challenge.

The Juice Day … yeah, you read about that I guess. Probably I am going to try a Juice Cleanse next summer, but I am such a goose bumb when it comes to less then 20°C (68° F) that its just not working for me at the moment.

But to be truthful, there is a lot of room for improvement in health aspects at the moment. I feel like I’ve been eating a lot of crapy stuff recently due to my studying and feeling like – oh I am running so much and training so hard for my 10K, thats ok – and actualy its not. I can do better and I want to. Its just about making myself the way I want to be and thats just not the way to go.

So back on track with…

As mentioned the week before I added a study-related goal as well – studying for my oral finals in Eastasian Economy I didn’t really review and practise my Chinese and French, so working on that.

And I am proud to cross off my first field for the healthy eating challenge. Today was great!

Salad topped with Pardina Lentils & Socca Indian Style for lunch

Raw Pumpkin Noodles with Veggetable Dumplings & Edamame

(the sauce made of coconut milk, chili bean sauce & sesame oil was amazing!)

Finally I’ll share my training plan for next week with you guys – sry, it is an english-german mix :).

What are your short term goals at the moment?

How do you motivate yourself?

And again: I am going to London with my brother in the beggining of october and would like to know what you guys suggest I should buy (healthfood-wise) and where (easy to find in the center, its just a one day bustrip)