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And joining the party again!

Just a quick look on todays eats – I am exhausted from my Spinning Class and still have some studying to do and food to prepare for tomorrow (whole day on the go).


Protein-Mashed Banana-Oats topped with Figs and Soygurt


Soygurt with Nectarine & Coconut Chips


Veggie Curry (Eggplant, Fenel, Spinach, Tofu, Pinto Beans) with a side of Brown Rice


Pumpkin Buckwheat Muffin with a PB-Choc-Kernel (+1 Apple)


My precious Green Monster!

Oh, and finally I want to show you those thingies that are starring at me the whole time while I am studying and driving me nuts:

*waaah* … ok, probably its more the studying, or the fact that I prefer starring at 3 monkeys instead of reading my text, which is making me crazy.

However, same question as last two times:

I am going to London with my brother in the beggining of october and would like to know what you guys suggest I should buy (healthfood-wise) and where (easy to find in the center, its just a one day bustrip)

Hope you all have a great second half of the week!