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Magic Number!!!

And joining the party now for the 7. time, yahwee!

My WIAW is coming up late, due to busy studying yesterday evening and a big walk my boyfriend and me enjoyed in the afternoon, because September got quite sunny over here.

Just a quick look on yesterdays food before I am heading to work:


Green Monster made of Banana, Spinach, Sun Warrior Protein, frozen Mango, Soyogurt & Coconut Chips

(copied image from a few weeks ago, but it looked exactly the same except of those little pinguines)

Snack @ university

secret addiction: Liquorice & Mint Tea + chunked Pinapple and Apple

Snack @ home

Ginger Cookie (after a recipe from bodyrock, left them too long in the oven) and Grapes + Crispbread with PB Choc & Cherry-Jelly

Late Lunch

Falafel & Veggies in Whole Wheat Pita with Avocado Sauce (evrth selfmade but the Pita)


guess what this mess is going to be…

Black Sesame Seed Cereal loosely after Sophias recipe from Burp & Slurp (thank you so much! I was searching for this since the first time I tried it brought in little packages from my taiwanese flatmate, which you just had to mix with hot water) – I just added brown sugar and oatmilk

Just with a Sesame Breadring for my boyfriend, and with additional…

how could it be different… Hokkaido Pumpking, for me! What a feast… 🙂

Btw – I left out a Red Bull Coke and a Mr Tom Bar, for the sake of completeness!

Have a great rest of the week, foodies.

And I would be still thankful for some great recommendations regarding my upcoming London Day Trip!