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I made it, and I made it pretty good – though as always in my opinion I could have done better… nothing’s wrong about a bit perfectionism. So, now that my oral ba finals are over, I am able to concentrate on stuff besides studying and working again. Especially things I am doing just for me, which I missed a lot.

So what have I been doing those last two weeks?

growing a sweet potato plant (not that I have a green thumb, but this little beauty just started growing out of a sweet potato in my pantry, so I couldn’t deny here a place on my windowsill)

going to London with my brother …

…feeding a squirrel in st. james’s park…

…getting me and my brother some huge baozi in china town (aka using my chinese again finally)…

… bringing back some goodies and inhaling them. (btw – cashew butter is my newest addiction)

And studying of course. No kidding, those were the ambitioused studying weeks of my life and I am happy I went through them – though I really couldn’t use a lot of the stuff I learned during my oral exam yesterday, I kind of felt like finally learning something interesting and useful – and I can open the morning paper and read an article about the current € debt crisis and actualy get the who and why.

But to make this short – I have to run for my first japanese class (yeah, geeky me wants to put something on top after 3 years of studying chinese) and first time gym for what feels like month.

Coming home from my boyfriend, I passed the farmers market and stocked up on fresh delicious regional veggies.

Can’t wait to enjoy my spaghetti squash soon…

So for Breakfast I prepared about 1 l of green juice:

enjoyed 1 1/2 glasses with grapes and figues and put the rest aside for later. (In a little washed out sparkling wine bottle)

Lunch was a mixed plate

of arugula, oven roasted hokkaido squash and white beans in a veggie-red wine-tomato sauce topped with yeast flakes.

Later, after preparing a vegan chocolate cake to bring to work tomorrow (for keeping my back free to prepare for my exams the last week), I’ve been craving some little chocolaty cake myself:

So I had a Chocolate-Avocado-Muffin with almondbutter and cherry-jelly.

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that I did some work on my blog: I have two new pages, the first one is a recipe library and the second one about my training routine.

So check those out and have a nice week – you are going to here from me again soon (no empty threat here 😉 ).