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So here it comes: I am finally anouncing a challenge I have been thinking about for a while now and what better time than the beginning of a new month to start my “Organic on a Budget” – Challenge (you can call it OB if you are a fan of nicknames – I am not 😉 and that is not just because this short form might already be patented in Germany… ). So let me start with a quick overview what I will be doing during the following month of August.

I will eat organic.
Means: Everything I buy will be organic and primarily (if not exclusively) bought in wholefood shops and on the local farmers market. Take out food is just allowed if it is officially sold as organic – and since I am not aware of any organic places nearby I might just not eat out at all.

I will purchase all my food for 40€ a week.
Means: What I buy for myself has to be in this budget (no exceptions)! But from time to time I might eat at a friends or my boyfriends place and of course I will not bring my food there.

Note: Everything I do already have on stock in my flat (e.g. spices, flours, nuts, legumes …) can be used up.

So everyone who can put two and two together will see that this will be a pretty healthy month made up of simple meals and might as well be reckoned as kind of a detox. Detox from unnecessary treats, drinking alcohol, eating out and the appetite for consumption (how often did I buy special, exotic food items just because they were new to me … and did not even use them once).

Why eat organic?

sheepsQ: Do I get more nutrients from organic produce?       A: No! But…

1. Organic products are less harmful, because organic farmers do not use pesticides.

2. Organic farming does not make use of genetic engineering. And when you are vegan and eat a lot of soyproducts – there might be a lot of genetically modified soy that goes into your mouth.

3. If you are not vegan, but still love animals or at least sympathize with animals, eating organic will at least better their living conditions.

4. People who buy organic are generally more conscious about what goes into their body.

5. Watch Food Inc. You do not like what you see? Take your money to the farmers market or the whole food store to make your vote.

Usefool tool: Seasonal Calendar
I am planing to write a longer post about the benefits of buying seasonal fruits and vegetables. Those calendars can be found all over the web. Just type “seasonal calendar” into the search engine of your choice. This one hangs on my fridge door for the whole month.

A few posts you can expect to come in August:

  • homemade healthy pizza dough
  • juicing on a budget
  • bake your own bread
  • cheap snacks that keep you going
  • discount organic vs whole food store organic

I would love to read your thoughts on this challenge and everybody who wants to join is welcome!