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Today I would like to talk training instead of food, since this is the other passion of mine and this blog is not supposed to just show off good looking pictures of delicious food.


One sport I always did since I started my health journey with the age of 16 was running. Running is my go to sport of choice. You do not need a gym or fancy equipment, you can take it with you wherever you might travel, you can free your head of negative thoughts and you can get completely powered out and have a good night of sleep afterwards. My reasons to run have been diverse and I do find new ones with every year I am into it.

my first 10K

So what is the stuff with the “5K Runner” about? Probably some of you followed my journey towards my first official 10K (and therefore my first official race) last year. What I probably did not talk about in detail was the frustration I developed on the way. The whole month of training I have been fighting with my (suddenly in that summer emerged) hay fever and could not breath through my nose at all. Since I have been panting like a dog anyway, I did not care about running faster than holding an advisable heart rate would allow. Always training close to my limits, it was no bummer that 2 weeks before the race I was worn out and could not wait to get over and done with it. The race itself capped it all off. I let myself get carried away by the experienced racers around me and ran a time I did not even make in my most extreme speed work sessions. From time to time I had to stop and WALK! During a 10K, which I was able to run through in training one month before the race. I was just able to stick it out because the whole time through I promised myself that I would not have to lace my shoe’s for the rest of that year…. And I went through with it.

Finish Line

After this whole over-training experience. I started out running again just recently, maybe one month ago. And from the beginning on I promised myself – no more than 5K per run! And since I am lucky and after the one summer of hay fever I am symptom free again – I can take care of my regular breathing while running. Though I have the feeling I am going with turtle speed, I am still powered out afterwards… but in a good way. And I gained my running joy, the mojo or whatever you like to call it finally back.

Closing up for those who read my whole serious lamentations and explanations until the end, I would love to share some photos of my boyfriends and mine 3-year-anniversary last Wednesday. We enjoyed one of the few hot summer days this year by taking a beautiful getaway to our huge city park.

flowers coots

balance Kneipp footbath