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It’s WIAW time again and today I do have something special for you: my first youtube video!

With the new month my earlier announced challenge starts and I went grocery shopping with my best friend yesterday, who also has been so nice to film this video and had a lot of patience loading it up. Thanks for that, hon!

Since this took most of my free time yesterday, there will be no actual “what I ate the whole day” meal plan, but more of a conglomeration of recent and todays eats.

Pumpkin Carrot Pizza Dough

This was my boyfriends and mine sunday lunch+dinner, since we spent most of our evening in the cinema, enjoying every minute of the new batman movie. Recipe will follow later this week.

Soba Noodle Miso Soup

What my best friend and I enjoyed after filming yesterday. Throwing together some ingredients to make a miso soup is what I mostly do when I do have no time but am really hungry.

Chococonut Muffins

Losely after Nicky’s (Kabocha Fashionista) Recipe – this one never lets me down. So delicious! And look who wanted to take part in the preperations:

Pearl Barley “Rainbow” Salad

Found this great summer recipe (which I have been mentioning in the video before) just yesterday on L’artichaut and had to make it immediately. Perfect lunch to bring to work with me. And without the iceberg lettuce you could also eat this salad warm.

Hope you enjoyed this slightly different What I Ate Wednesday and don’t be shy – share your thoughts with me!