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The journey is its own reward.

This week I enjoyed a well earned short holiday with my mom at my aunts, who lives a few hours car ride from my home. We spent our days shopping for clothing and groceries (I found the most amazing organic store and put together my package for this months food swap), eating out in amazing restaurants and taking walks, the really long kind of walks. So I thought it is the best reason to write about a topic close to my heart: my love for walking.

Though I call myself a runner and it is my favorite cardio workout, there comes nothing close to walking and its multifacetedness. I do not care whether its rainy, dusty, cold or the perfect weather. When my feet get itchy, I need to let my mind flow and I do have some time – you can be pretty sure, that I will chose to take a walk instead of going for a run.

I do love walking for several reasons. An important one is that I love to explore new environments, when I am travelling or moving or visiting somebody, by using my two feet. Nothing leaves such a deep impression of country and people as walking around. When you ask me where to buy the best food, where to get a haircut or the best view  – I can give you advise, as long as I have been more then 4 days at this place. There are three spots in Shanghai where I stayed over 2 weeks and I do get an unbelievably homelike feeling when I come there. I now the owners of the little restaurants and stores around, and all the little roads and shortcuts.

Also exploring a new town by walking around does not require good weather. This march I visited my city of birth in Russia, after 7 years of absence. It was –5 degrees most of the time and the snow reached up to your knees. Nevertheless I enjoyed the fresh air as long as my clothing was appropriate.

Following the routes at the side of the street to not slipper and fall. Going hill up and hill down. I got a pretty decent workout without needing any equipment.

And look what an amazing view I had while bringing some groceries home using my good old feet instead of the cramped bus.

You can find the best things while taking a walk:

Funny garage doors, for example, saying…


Whosoever – take your foot from the scale pronto!

… beautiful wild flowers or even a kiwifruit – no kidding I found this one while taking a walk with my mum and my aunties dog. Somebody must have lost it …

… and it made a pretty good breakfast combined with some homemade soy yogurt, raspberry jam and pumpkin seeds.

So my recommendation for you little couch potatoes out there: Do it like the kitty, gather all your courage and make the first step. You could actually have some fun and your buttex and thighs will thank you soon ;).

Leaving you with that, I will go for some sushi now – using my two healthy feet – due to a deal I made with my couch potato of a boyfriend (he gets his sushi and I my walk… psst! don’t tell him, that I would do anything for sushi, even give up my daily walk).

my healthy feet