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Last weeks hospital stay and doctors appointments quite got on my nerves and energy levels. And I have to say, I am really feeling a lot better now – just my running is a bit slower (they took quite a bit of my blood and with low iron levels I am not so quick in reproducing).Β  Due to my lack of energy and an unbelievable heat wave that hit Germany over the weekend, I do not have a lot of food from last week to share.

wiaw what i ate wednesday august party button 2012

Thinking about it – I survived the weekend on sandwiches, my new iron mug cake, Italian take away and an unbelievable heap of plums and watermelon… and water… guess all that sweat had to come from somewhere.

morning walk

Best friend and me took a walk on Sunday morning instead of our run – that’s how hot it was. But hey, that way we could make dorky pictures from me doing burpees.

me doing burpees

Now that it cooled down, I had some crazy kitchen action going on yesterday evening and today. I worked on a matcha ice cream recipe with banana and avocado, which needs to be redone, as soon as I have REAL matcha at home. I ordered some cheaper stuff from Amazon and it turned out to be the deposit from green tea production, which the funny-heads of sellers called to be “green tea powder”. Going to return that immediately and buy proper, more expensive matcha. Although with what I could use from my “deposit”, I managed to make a decent first try recipe.

green tea ice cream

I also worked on some socca and guacamole. No picture here, because clever me, halved the ingredients but not the baking time and my socca turned out to be more like a taco shell and the end product, though it has been quite delicious, was simply not presentable.

So now to more pictures from today’s food preparations:

fresh quinoa salad

Fresh Quinoa Salad (with chickpeas, avocado and spring onions), which still lacks some tomatoes – I will buy them after posting this, at the farmers market and just throw quickly on the salad before I head out for work.

added sprouts

Plus, I added some of my homegrown alfalfa sprouts, which grow happily on my window sill.

pumpkin bread pudding

Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Dark Chocolate and Raisins – before baking. I prepared everything so far, so that tomorrow morning, while twirling around and getting ready, this beauty can bake for 20 minutes and I can take half of it to work for breakfast.

Bread Pudding is a great way to use up slightly old toast or sandwich bread. I am going to share this recipe soon with you guys.

And some of my all time favorite snack: Fruits with Homemade Soy Yogurt – today its peach and raspberry.

So how do you deal with crazy heat waves and what are your favorite foods on those days?

Are you prepparing your eats for work/university/school?