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This week was already quite exciting: I bought new running tights, which proved that they make a cute performance on today’s morning run, Sina and me decided to sign up for a 5K in 1 1/2 weeks, I did a lot of paperwork for university deregistration and application (changing university for my masters degree) and I got a request to do a review on a fitness tracker which will come out in the beginning of 2013. It will work with the SlimKicker website – so check it out, if you are interested.

While I am writing this post I am actually already yawning and cannot wait for a cuddle with my pillow and falling asleep like a baby. I just came back from a Marketing Presentation to which Sina was so nice to bring me along – and though this presentation was pretty interesting (Tommy Hilfiger on trademark protection) the day really got to me. So this summary of my day is going to be short and a little different than my usual WIAWs.

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6:00 AM Alarm clock, having a pre-workout rice wafer PBJ

6:30 AM easy morning run with Sina, 5.3 km in 40:47 min

8:00 AM already showered and sitting at work

Breakfast: Cinnamon Cereal and Kellogs Toppas with Figs and Spinach Banana Milk

10:00 AM Snacktime

12:00 PM Lunch

Spinach Salad with Barley, Hokkaido Pumpkin and Red Bell Pepper

I love my Salad 2 Go cup and use it quite a lot.

2:30 PM Snack Time

Homemade Soykefir with Pear, Peach and Granola

5:00 PM Early Dinner

Vegetable Soup with Aduki Bean Pattie and Fermented Red Cabbage

*unpictured: ricewafer with tofu spread and dessert – 2 pieces of dark chocolate and some granola

5:30 PM Muffinbaking (see below)

7:00 PM Marketing Presentation

9:30 PM back home, night time snack

one of Angela’s Chocolate Zucchini Walnut Muffins with Cashew Butter

10:00 PM preparing food for tomorrow

10:30 PM writing this post

End of a busy but fulfilling day and now I am just too happy that there is nothing left to do but sleep.

How was your Wednesday?

Do you like to get up this early in the morning?

And last but not least: What are your favorite meals to bring to work or school?