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This month I stumbled over Carol Annes (thisisrocksalt.com) EU Foodie Penpals. I was so thrilled after months and months of following other peoples parcels and being excited about all those interesting food going from place to place that finally I had a chance to take part in this adventure.

I sent a parcel with some German goodies to Lex (ladynom.co.uk), so I guess a review about that will be out on her blog soon.

My own parcel was sent to me by Christine from the UK who does not have an own blog. Everything in it was such a surprise – and I am a total fan of surprises – plus hit my sweet tooth right on the spot! Great thing she is also vegan, that made things quite easy.

She wrote a cute letter explaining each and every item she sent out. I fell in love with her Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (she used this recipe), in the parcel were way more than the 3 ones pictured, and demolished them in two days. (Which was totally reasonable, since I didn’t knew how long the parcel was driving around and didn’t want them to go bad… totally reasonable!)

Another great thing in the box was the assortment of some of her favorite tea bags. I am an everyday tea drinker and have a lot of fun experimenting with new kinds and flavours – my favorite by far was the Qi Green Tea Plus (Green Tea, Blend of blueberry leaf, pomegranate, red grape seed, hawthorn fruit and dandelion root (43%), natural cranberry flavour). This must be the BEST tea I had this year and I was so damn close to order a parcel for me online – if it weren’t for the £11 shipping costs and me deciding to be more frugal in the next future. Sigh, guess I have to wait till my next London trip.

My boyfriend had dips on the chewing gum tasting like dessert, since I do not eat artificial sweeteners, otherwise my belly gets bloated until everyone thinks I’m pregnant.

And the probably most surprising item: the Hot & Sour Nuts! I don’t exaggerate if I say that the bf and me were totally nuts about them – they were delicious and zingy and like a party on your tongue. (Do I need to mention that they also were gone in no time?) Next to the nuts you can see a bag of the Amazing Meal dietary supplement. It is a protein poweder with a lot of vitamines and minerals, and I haven’t used it yet, since I am already sad that it will also be gone afterwards.

Does it sound weird to you, that this Flapjack was the very first in my life? I mean – I read about them online and I knew that they are a british speciality, but I never actually had one – what a shame, that I wasted so many years of my life NOT having flapjacks!!! Working on a healthyfied recipe right now and as soon as I am happy with my result I will share it here. The stevia chocolate bar on the other hand was not my piece of cake. It seemed not sweet at all to me and somehow even the chocolaty flavore was not present enough. Best thing about it were the puffed flaxseeds – but nevermind, I used it up for some Chocolate Chip Cookie baking and it worked great this way.

Summing up, I was totally blown away by my first foodie penpal experience. Thanks a lot to Christine for packing such a beautiful parcel and I also had a blast putting together the one for Lex. You might have already guessed it –  I am going to take part in Septembers parcel exchange again!
So after torturing you with all this pictures of delicious snacks, that you probably cannot have right now and me neither, since I ate all of them, I would like to make it up by sharing my newfound affection for savory snacks! I made my very first roasted chickpeas (after actually cooking my very first dried chickpeas, instead of using the canned ones, no joke here):

Herb  Roasted Chickpeas

  • 1/2 cup cooked chickpeas
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp seasalt
  • 1/2 tsp mixed herbs (or just your favorite herb)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Place all the ingredients in a bowl and give them a good mix. Dump them on a baking tray with parchment paper and shove it into the oven. They should bake for 20-30 minutes until they reach the desired gold- and crispyness. You should check every 10 minutes and flip them a bit.

This makes a really filling savory snack or side dish.

Look how beautiful this little chickpea flock is and I ate them all with dinner last night 😦 … guess I have to make a new batch soon.

Did someone of you take part in this months foodie penpals?

And what is your favorite snack food? Are you more the sweet or the savory type?