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Finally autumn came around! And the first three days of September greeted us with some rainy, slightly cold and oh so cozy autumn days.

Today I totally freaked out about this huge pumpkin which I discovered in a local grocery store and I just had to give it a big hug, smiling with the thought of all the great dishes it will be featured in soon. I for my part welcomed autumn with a new hair color. Blonde was great for summer – but I am one of the unlucky blondes who tends to get quite greyish, after the sun kissed highlights of summer vanish. So I decided, that brown is the color of choice this season and cannot wait for my hair to grow longer and get a decent haircut soon. (Btw the brown which I have now is even darker than on the picture and slightly redish – I did a second coloring in the evening since I’ve been not to happy with the first one)

But it is not only autumn that makes me want to change. The beginning of my MA program (for those who are interested – I will start a MA program International Management with focus on marketing) in the last week of September makes me go bananas and I feel like mama hen preparing the nest. Got a new bag, which is kind of a tradition already when a new important chapter in my education starts, got a personal organizer to note all my appointments and study work and I made a plan to autumn-clean my whole apartment!

So you can see: my little September challenge is completely unrelated to food or exercise but will improve my mental health. Having a well organized clean surrounding makes you happier, calmer and more productive. So how can I be better prepared for upcoming late night study sessions (it is totally ok if you consider it crazy that I am getting totally excited by the thought of this) than tidying up every single room from head to toe?

I divided this huge task into several smaller ones and spread them over 4 weeks:

  • week 1 – cupboard with cleaning equipment, desk, small cupboard with clothes
  • week 2 – closet (left & right side), shelves with spices
  • week 3 – cupboards/shelves with cooking equipment (aka the BAD corner of my kitchen), cupboard with plates, under the bed
  • week 4 –bookshelf, top of the bookshelf, cupboards with food items

I am going to make quite a few before and after pictures and hope I could inspire some of you to start your own autumn-cleaning.

This post started with pumpkin, so it should at least end with squash. Due to some delicious leftovers which I had in my fridge on Saturday, I decided to spoil myself with a

Spaghetti Squash Casserole

  • 1 cup spaghetti squash (cooked and scraped out)
  • some bean patty or faux mincemeat or just your favorite legume, nicely spiced up
  • 1/2 cup broccoli
  • 1/2 cup hummus
  • olive- or coconut oil

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Choose a small baking dish and grease it with some oil. Layer spaghetti squash, bean patty (or replacement) and broccoli. Top evenly with the hummus.

Let this dish bake for 15 minutes and serve up with some avocado.

Autumnal comfort food at it’s best!

How are you welcoming autumn? And what is your favorite pumpkin/squash?