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In this weeks What I Ate Wednesday post I would love to share with you my thoughts on eating eggs. I already told you a little about my non-vegan food choices in an overall vegan diet, but I promised to get a bit more specific. For this part of the post read further below.

Planned was another presentation of my tuesday eats, but sadly I forgot to make a picture of my breakfast, which I can tell you was divine! At least I share the recipe here: Cinnamon Blueberry Baked Oatmeal (with one alteration: I used red grapes instead of the blueberries). This one’s a keeper!

For lunch I enjoyed a new found veggie burger from my favorite organic brand. I stuffed it in a whole wheat pita with some spinach, avocado and tomato and it was gone in no time but filled me up for hours. Plus it was made without any artificial ingredients – A-MA-ZING!

I snacked on a small round goat cheese snackpiece, PBJ sandwich, plum and homemade raw ball with dried cherries and cacao nibs.

And in the afternoon I took a long walk to Evi’s farm shop (more about it below) and purchased some eggs and another big girl hokkaido – it’s just something about those pumpkins, that I cannot pass them without purchase. They have such a beautiful onion shape and vibrant colour… oh and don’t let me start on their taste and diversity, that would make for a complete post on it’s own.

When I came home after 6km of walking, I was hungry as hell and planned on making some spaghetti squash and egg-avocado-salad and finish it off with a cashew buttered, granola sprinkled apple. Sadly I riped my egg while cooking and what I was left with afterwards… not pretty, I tell you. So I ommited the salad …

and had spaghetti squash pasta with tomato-spinach sauce, avocado and chickpeas. And to make up for the missing egg salad, I topped of my dinner with an apple-cinnamon-mug cake with protein frosting.

Later I got a little hungry again, guess it was the fresh air and brisk walk, and enjoyed a bowl of cinnamon cereals with raspberries. And that pretty much closed up my tuesday’s worth of food.

So now on to my non-vegan food choices in an overall vegan diet…

When I started my vegan journey in the beginning of 2011 I did it cold turkey. Everything going into my mouth for the first month was completely vegan (except the little beginner mistakes you make, due to not knowing that there is some milk/egg/gelatin hidden in some food). But after the first month I my craving for fish and seafood become stronger and louder and since I decided to not force myself to deny food I really crave for I adjusted to a pescetarian vegan diet (that’s the reason why I just HATE labels – they make eating out easier, but otherwise, they are just a pain in the a**).

Months and months later, probably in the beginning of 2012, another huge craving arose: cottage cheese and goat cheese. Though the first one was more prominent, it abated pretty soon after I had some cottage cheese for a few weeks. Goat cheese on the other hand is something I really love tastewise and my boddy can handle a lot better than cheese made from cows milk. I enjoy it from time to time and do believe that, as long as it is bough organic, it is healthier than consuming most of the artificial vegan cheese alternatives.

And here we come to the most recent addition to my diet: eggs. This was no actual craving, but me and my mum going on a short trip to my aunts. I educated the two of them that if they have eggs they should buy the organic ones, to not fill their body with all the crap you find in most non-organic eggs. They asked me to prepare an egg-dish for dinner which I learned in China and this simple dish was so appealing and made from nice, fresh, organic eggs that I decided to share it with them. After returning home I searched the internet for a nearby chicken owner, who treats the animals with respect, feeds them all-natural and sells the eggs. I was so lucky to stumble over an old couple who have a great website with information about how they grow their vegetables and chicken and thus I decided to make a visit.

Evi showed me around and told me a lot about the different types of chicken. I checked that they have a lot of space, can go in and out whenever they like and that everything is nice and tidy. The chicken had no bare spots (you see this a lot on chicken who live with not enough space – they pick each other until they start bleading) and were happily picking on the vegetables Evi’s husband harvested in their own garden. So I decided that I would feel ok eating eggs from those chickens.

So there we have it, I am a seafood, goat cheese and egg-eating vegan or a dairy-free pescetarian or a fish-eating vegetarian – call me whatever you want. I just wanted to share my thoughts and my decision to step away from labeling myself. (means – I have to work on the about section soon)

Did someone of you make similar experiences regarding a vegan diet? And what is your favorite egg dish?