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… and I am not referring to the Barney Stinson set of rules for successfully getting into every girls pants.

me and the bro

(this picture of us was taken 3 years ago)

Last weekend my little (ok, he becomes 18 in less than 2 weeks and is taller than me, but still…) brother asked me for advice. During the last year in his first serious relationship with his amazing girlfriend he gained about 15 pounds – some of which were quite necessary in my opinion. Problem is, he gained them mostly due to excessive partying and no exercise whatsoever and he put the 5-10 unnecessary pounds mainly on his belly. So he came to me to ask for a dietplan.

Last time I helped him to shed some pounds he was probably 11 years old and a little chubby. That was the time when I first lost a huge amount of weight myself – and definitely not the healthy way. I was scrawny, unhappy, unconfident and had no clue about healthy nutrition in the first place. I ate under 1000 calories a day and my excercise consisted of nothing but cardio. Truth be told – I have no clue what recommendations I gave him then, but I think it’s safe to say they cannot have been healthy at all. He lost a good amount of weight successfuly, started doing sports, was a way more happier child – that is the good part of the story, but I bet there was something placed in his head which made him become more skinny later than he should have been and altered his behaviour towards food – and that is what makes me sad and really conscious about the importance to make him lose the weight healthy this time and convey the healthy mindset I have adopted over time.

Another point which needs to be considered is the huge difference between my brothers eating habits and mine. He is neither vegan, nor vegetarian – he thinks veggies stink not less than fruit – he would always prefer the white bread alternative and the fried stuff – he loves a good booze every weekend, sometimes two days in a row.

To sum it up: He is a total dude when it comes to food.

So thats why I had to make a “Bro Code” fitting my brothers habits, to make him loose a few pounds and gain a few muscles, the healthy way.

(…) stay tuned for part 2 and 3.

Is there a family member of yours who has weight issues? Have you ever been asked for help or offered it yourself?