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Inspired by the weekly recaps I enjoy to read on some of the blogs I am following, I decided to create the “Health Ninja Weekly” theme. I will share with you a recap of my posts, my favorite blog posts from other foodies and bloggers out there, interesting articles about nutrition and health, recipes I made that are not mine, random finds and things I really enjoyed. Plus, as soon as I worked the whole newsletter thing out, I will offer you the possibility to subscribe to my weekly recap.

So while I am enjoying an iced green tea with Sina and one of the last warm summer days, here comes my first issue of the “Health Ninja Weekly”.

btw – {37/12}, the first number will be the calender week I am referring to and the second number the year.

My Posts

The Bro Code II

On Tuesday I presented the meal and workout plan I created for my brother to help him loose his little belly and build some muscle strength.

What I Ate Wednesday

This weeks What I Ate Wednesday featured some more of my “bring to work” meals. I did especially enjoy the millet-based Mediterranean salad which I had for lunch. Did you guys know that millet can work wonders regarding your iron intake?

Baked Pumpkin Pie Oats

My new breakfast discovery with an autumny twist. And who does not like to enjoy a pie for breakfast – especially with colder mornings coming up.

Favorite Posts

dealing with insatiable appetite days (Running With Spoons)

Her posts are always full of great, useful informations regarding health, nutrition and many other aspects of life. You should not just check out this post, but her whole blog.

be the change (Peanut Butter and Jenny)

A thoughtful post about self-awareness and imperfections. Sometimes everyone of us needs to take a step back and reconsider what place in life one wants to take.

Nice Finds

Celery and Cupcakes‘ beautiful new design (made by Peanut Butter and Jenny)

Jenny from Peanut Butter and Jenny has quite a hand for making beautiful designs – you can check them out on her blog. I do especially like the new one she made for Jemma, it turned out so charming and pretty.

Hungry Delights

Another blog you should definitely give a visit is the one from Emilie. Her photography is beautiful and her recipes mouthwatering.

Favorite Eats

soba noodle soup with smokey tofu, egg and vegetables

This dinner was amazing and I am so happy that there opened a traditional Japanese restaurant with affordable food in my hometown. I did enjoy every spoonful of this savory, comforting soup.

Those things made my week – what made yours?