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Fig Cake In A Mug {Meatless Monday}

Finally I managed to take part in another of Heather’s Meatless Mondays from A-Z and I have to admit “Figs” was an easy one. I cannot wait for “Ginger” to come up… uh, that’s going to be some serious fun.

{goals for the weeks ahead}

After some weeks of relaxing and “just” working, finally busier times are starting with the beginning of next week. I made some goals how to keep up with my studies and work without neglecting friends, family, hobbies or health.

What I Ate Wednesday

Another “bring to work” Wednesday. Do I bore you yet? Hopefully not, since with the start of my university classes next week there will be a lot more meals2go featured on this blog.

My Brother’s An Adult

How did that happen, huh? It seems like just yesterday he was this cute little brat who pulled my pigtail as hard as possible and started crying himself, so that our mom thought I was the bad one. Do I sound like an old cat lady already? Sorry… But if you want to see some crazy baking action and addictively delish cupcakes you should skip the sobbing and go directly for the pictures.

Favorite Reads

Vegan Designer John Bartlett Hits Fashion Week (For the Love of Kale)

How cool is that? I mean – it is already gigantic that a Harvard graduate engages himself in animal rights by creating a cruelty free fashion line, which raises money for an animal rescue organization – but that those clothes were part of this September’s fashion week simply wows me!

China protests: Japanese firms suspend some operations (BBS News Business)

Business bla bla? WTH? Right, something else I am getting back into (appart from preparing more foods in advance for the week and creating easy recipes 2go) is reading the business section of newspapers and online magazines again. With a bachelors degree in East-Asian economics I should at least know something that’s going on over there, I guess…

In case you wonder what are the newest news in Chinese-Japanese trade relations – the situtation is pretty dense due to the “dispute islands” Diaoyu and Senkaku, which are known to be ressource-rich and therefore topic of political disputes between the two countries. With Tokyo announcing to purchase those islands, violent anti-Japan demonstrations arouse in China and caused boycotts of Japanese production in China.

Nice Finds


… and I am totally gaga about it. All her amazing recipes, advice and personality focussed in one homepage and more personal content comming soon. I might have a little (who am I kidding here? read “gigantic”) crush on this unbelievably inspiring woman! Give her a visit and let her joie de vivre inspire you!

Favorite Eats

Saturday’s raw breakfast. Buckwheat butternut porridge and green juice. Recipe will follow tomorrow.