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My little borther turned 18 this week. And in Germany this means: he is allowed to drink, smoke, drive a car (as soon as he has his licence) and make decisions for himself – but also to be liable for them. I have to admit, I don’t like the thought of all of that. In my mind he is still 6 years old and asks me to crawl into his bed, cuddle under the blanket and make up some stories until he falls asleep. In my mind I am also not 11 years old, but 23 – strange thing, that we can accept getting older for ourselves but not for our loved ones. My grandparents for example are still somewhere around 60/61 in my mind, though that might have been 10 years ago.

(source: culinaryschools.org)

But enough of the “man, he grew up so fast” blah. I planned on making a lot of pictures of my loved ones and also writing this post way earlier, but I do have some good excuses for that: I did enjoy myself too much to run around taking pictures all evening (truthfully I didn’t take a single one, except of my baking results) and I did enjoy myself so much, that I felt sick and headachy the complete next day and also a little bit the day after that. Did I drink that much? I don’t think so. It might have been a bottle of sparkling wine just for me, I have to admit that, but nothing that would kick me that badly out of my socks, usually – or, I correct myself, one year ago. Somehow my body doesn’t handle alcohol that good this year. I ended up sleeping 12(!!!) hours and feeling useless the whole day after drinking AND (attention! TMI) puking the remainings of my stomach content out in the evening. Strangely, afterwards I felt a lot better. But hey, that’s not really the solution. I am a little afraid that I might have some allergic reaction. Another reason to get a doctor’s appointment to check myself for food allergies.

So before I share the remaining pictures of what I promised to bake for my brothers birthday party with friends (which will be a lot more appetizing than the paragraph above, promised) I would like to make a little announcement regarding next week: I will be detoxing to get back on the health wagon and easing my gastrointestional tract. More information will follow on monday – but don’t worry: this will not be a fast, but more of a healthy feast.

And here they come: Brownie And Cupcake Madness

Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies after this recipe from how sweet is this.

This was an amazing combination of sweet and salty and chocolaty – I just loved them.

My brother also asked me to bake up some cupcakes for the actual birthday party he had on Saturday. (To which I wasn’t invited – guess I am just to old for that …. and I might have suggested to end it around 11pm, which brought me a thankful kiss from my mom and a ‘drop dead’ look from my brother πŸ˜€ ).

Number one were not so red Red Velvet Oreo Cupcakes after this recipe. Martha Stewart’s red velvet recipe is amazing and got quite a few praises, but my food coloring was not working as it should – hence the brown color. Also I might have overdone it with the powdered sugar, that’s why the topping was a bit runny at the beginning.

And number two of my brother’s cupcake wishes were Peanut Butter Cupcakes. I chose one of Sally’s recipes and was pretty satisfied with the outcome. The chocolate cupcake tasted amazing on it’s own, it was fluffy but still rich and chocolatey and the topping had the desired consistancy – sadly I had no icing bag at hand to make them look more pretty, but chocolate drizzle covers everything, right?

That was my brother’s birthday in sweets and I must say: After this weekend of baking I cannot wait for more healthy stuff to come up – after me and the boyfriend made a batch of Sunday morning breakfast pancakes, of course. So stay tuned for more about my detox tomorrow.

Anyone with experience on allergic reactions to alcohol out there?

And what cupcakes would make it on your birthday wish list?