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Carrot Cake Oats Two Ways & My Detox

This weeks Meatless Monday theme was “Ginger” – what an easy one for me! I love to add ginger in all kind of dishes: sweet, savory, spicy… you name it and I will find a way to incorporate ginger. So I thought I take the chance to share the recipe of one of my favorite breakfasts with you.

What I Ate Wednesday {Detox Edition}

My busy week left some room for healthy foods. This WIAW post shows you that there are healthy foods to grab and go, which will still make your tummy happy. It also shows how I tried to keep my mornings raw – at least in the first half of this week, afterwards I failed – cold mornings are screaming for oatmeal.

Veggie Meatball Soup

And another recipe – woo woo! Thought I share with you a heart warming, delicious and really comforting vegan dish. And I have to say: this one totally made my weekend. The combination of vegetarian meatballs, italian pasta, spinach greens and a warm broth makes one beg for a second serving.

Favorite Reads

Cashew Pumpkin Cream (Edible Perspective)

Ashleys recipe inspired me to make my own version with silken tofu (which was close to expiry). It turned out amazing and made another amazing dish – mix it with some soymilk and heat it up. There you have an amazing pumpkin milk. To die for, I promise!

A typical tuesday (running with spoons) & my less serious day: tick tock #2 (my less serious life)

This daily report thingy was A) pretty interesting for the stalker-part of me – I mean who does not want to know every little detail of the person behind the blog? Not you? What’s wrong with you? and B) it made me want to make one myself. So I’ll see if I have some typical day to share with you this week or next.

Nice Finds

Inspirations for my new workspace. I have a free room and do not know what to do with it. Seriously. Now I considered, that moving out my workplace will make my bedroom a lot calmer. So I will have a mixed work/training/tv space in my second room. Currently I am searching for an inspiration how to arrange the work space best.

Favorite Eats

What a surprise. I might also have posted an image of my pimped up oatmeal sebsatuib, but I have no pictures since I just digged in unpatiently every single time I made it this week. Guess I have to post the recipe then.

And hey, something else I nearly forgot:

(source: we<3it.com)

It’s the start of a new month, with even colder days, more damping cups of tea and pumpkin milk, with halloween coming up, with kitty cuddles and reading books and rustling leaves and rainy days.