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Whoooooosh! That’s how fast the first days of this week passed by. I had a lot of classes, worked a little bit and am on the run to a girls night out with some of my new classmates. And it is exhausting yet so exciting. Luckily tomorrow is German Unification Day and I can spend it catching up on accounting and marketing basics and have some boyfriend time, which will be rare in the next weeks, since both of us are starting at a new university. I hope this is excuse enough for not illustrating my entire day of food, but making up with not only a report of today’s food but also my activities.

06:30 Got up and took a shower. Prepared some food and coffee. Headed to class.

08:00 First class of the day: International Consumer Goods Marketing

09:30 Break = Breakfast time. I had half a toastie with goat cheese (that’s what happens when I don’t take the time for grocery shopping) and a piece of banana bread.

10:00 Second class or rather proceeding of the first.

11:30 Got a book on marketing basics and passed the grocery store on my way back home.

13:00 Lunch which looks like breakfast.

low-fat curd, half a peach, cereals and cashew butter

13:30 Reviewing some marketing basics and having an unpleasant phone conversations with a trickster who tried to get my account data.

Afternoon snacking: Finally some seriously good vegetarian (no gelatin) fruit gums…

and some pretzels!

15:30 Heading back to university.

16:00 Third class: Due Diligence. Which was horror and showed me that I have to study even harder than expected.

17:30 Heading to the library a second time this day, getting books on accounting and controlling.

18:00 Back home, cooking up dinner.

Butternut Squash Carrot Soup with White Wine and Baked Tofu Cubes

Russian ice cream for dessert.

19:00 Starting with catching up on accounting basics.

20:00 Getting ready for going out.

20:30 Now.

So, I hope you still enjoyed my slightly different Tuesday report.

Is anyone of you studying? What is your major?