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What I Ate Wednesday {Less Pictures More Facts}

I started my busy week with not thinking about taking enough pictures to show you a whole day’s worth of food, but still I did not want to skip the What I Ate Wednesday party – so I added a typical tuesday into the bunch.

September Foodie Penpals

Pretty late this time my recap on September’s Foodie Penpals. I got a beautiful and exciting parcel from Christien and enjoyed cooking with the Arrabiata Sauce Mix she was so thoughtful to send. Thus you do not only get pictures of the parcel but also a veggie filled lasagna recipe.

Favorite Reads

Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls (Dulce Dough)

I stumbled over this recipe just yesterday and you just have to take a look. They look so tempting and amazing, that I just have to make the time to give them a try next week.

Kylie’s Food Insecurity Project (Yeah…imma eat that)

Kylie is doing a Food Insecurity Project in one of her classes this week, where she has to eat on 20$ for 5 days. I think that it is great that education shows how socialy lower classes have to live with just the most necessary. In my opinion this should be part of every high school education.
Nice Finds

Top Chef Just Desserts

No kidding, I just found out this week that there are two whole seasons of Top Chef which are all about desserts. And I have also to admit, that I watched the whole second season while catching up on marketing basics in merely two days!

Favorite Eats

My Sunday breakfast was one of the few meals this week I could actually take some time and enjoy. Therefore this was definitely my favorite meal of the week.