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It’s midweek again and you know what makes me enjoy and wait for it nearly as much as for the weekend (ok, not nearly as much, who am I kidding here, but I do not hate it as much as Mondays and Tuesdays):

This week I started with a regular exercise routine again. Recently I just did some walks and probably went on my stepper in front of the TV from time to time. So now that I kind of know how my weeks will look like with classes and work time, I felt the urge to start to workout again as a stress relief and also for my overall health. I still do have a coupon for a try out month in a gym I really would like to join. It has great martial arts classes with professional specialized trainers. I want to start with this at the end of this month, so I thought I better my fitness until then with some home workouts (read – Insanity).

Regarding the food I just noticed that I am really not the 3 meals a day kind of person. I need my snacks to keep full, concentrated and not starve at the end of the day and end stuffing my face after dinner. So I try to prepare more snacks to go and have some fruit after dinner to finish off with some filling fiber.


overnight peanut butter banana oats with chocolate chunks


quinoa egg kidney bean wrap with salsa and a side of kale salad with leftover filling


banookies (recipe will follow soon) and dried apple rings


veggie burger with red pepper spread and kale salad

This is actually a bit cheated, since every time I come home after work or university I just storm my kitchen and cook up some quick dinner. The picture above shows Mondays lunch, but I have similar quick and healthy meals for dinner.

For more snacks I have or plan to take with me are cheese strings (these are soooo amazing!), fresh fruit, raisin buns (not so healthy, but there is a “remind me of my childhood” happy thing going on here), dark chocolate, crispbread with spreads, flavored rice crisps, PBJ sandwiches, healthy Elvis on whole wheat bread.

What are your favorite snacks? How do you deal with busy days regarding food?