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What I Ate Wednesday {Busy Style}

Surprisingly I managed to get a WIAW in this week, after last weeks failure. I shared with you how I am adjusting to the new time table and the need of snacks inbetween meals – you really do not want to get on my wrong side, when I am starving inbetween meals. And I also managed to fit some workout talk in, of which there will be coming more soon.

Favorite Reads

sweet potato tikki (Veg Recipes of india)

While I was surfing on Finding Vegan this week, I stumbled over an amazing indian food blog with only vegetarian recipes. Since I love indian food and I planed on trying out some recipes for a while now, this blog is like a gold mine for my foodie heart.

Nice Finds

(image source: http://pinchofyum.com/baked-gingerbread-mini-donuts)

Healthier Donut Recipes (on Pinterest)

I finally got my donut baking pan this week and what a disappointment: I thought it was made for 6 big donuts, but instead it is half a mini donut baking pan. Trying to look on the bright side I considered that I could eat more donuts when they are smaller. So this week I started with a little experimenting on healthier versions of donuts (not that beeing baked instead of fried isn’t already healthy enought) and I stumbled over this great Pinterest collection of recipes for baked donuts. You all can guess what recipe creations will be featured on Health Ninja soon…

Crazy Sexy Cooking Classes

Since I preordered my copy of Kris Carrs long awaited cook book (in corporation with Chef Chad Sarno, who is amazing!) I got the oportunity to check out their cool video cooking classes. And what shall I say? They are just as amazing as expected. You get to know a few basics, which you might alread know of, but refreshing them just cannot be wrong and a ton of inspiration how to incorporate a log of healthy veg into your daily diet. Happy cooking!

Favorite Eats

(image source: http://www.katzentisch.com/)

I was on a serious milk roll rut this week. They were cheap, had raisins and were easy to grab as a snack on the go. I topped them with cream cheese or peanut butter or fruit spread – or a combination of them. And there is nothing wrong with that… except, that the bakinglover in me was appealed to it’s honor. So first I want to make a batch of fluffy milk buns myself and second I would love to give them a healthy makeover. Let’s see how this turns out, shall we?