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As you might have already guessed: I am totally back into my snacks! Can’t live without them – won’t live without them – so I have to make some place for them in my daily time schedule. And really, there is nothing that could be easier than grabbing a bunch of snacky foods and taking them to work or class with you, right?


Millet Porridge with Apples and homemade Cranberry Cashew Milk

For the porridge I used one of the recipes from Cris Karrs great new cookbook (Crazy Sexy Kitchen), which I got in the “Cooking Classes” section of her homepage.

Snack Number 1

Someone needed some chocolate, like baaaaad, and what can be better than a pack of Maltesers? (Maybe some Kitkat, but hey, it was a hard choice to make.)


Wrap filled with cucumber (hidden somewhere underneath), yellow bell pepper, my Grilled Veggie Quinoa Pasta Sauce, smoked tofu and green olives and a side of more bell pepper and some cherry tomatoes.

Snack Number 2

aΒ mandarinΒ (which I actually had for dessert), purple carrots and, what I recently fell in love with: cheese strings

Snack Number 3

That’s my favorite one of the day: A small bowl of whole bran cereal apple and fig, shreddies choco and homemade granola, in the remainings of my homemade cranberry cashew milk

When dinner came around I was craving rice like crazy. Yeah, I do this from time to time and I am one of the crazy girls who actually prefer whole wheat rice over white rice, seriously. The picture above shows you my fried brown rice bowl with eggplant, broccoli, smoked tofu and shrimps (which my impudent cat swiped two of, while they were defrosting).

That is pretty much all I have to share regarding my yesterday.

How was yours? Are you in a snacky mood recently? And what are your favorite snacks when the days get colder?