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Hey there foodies – and another Wednesday came around with me not having written anything since the last post. But my excuse is good, I promise – I hade no weekend whatsoever, since I decided to take extra classes in sustainability and spent my whole weekend at the university. It seems like all those hours of rest that I usually do get are quite important for my energy levels. I could barely hold myself from falling asleep the whole day today. It’s a miracle that I still managed to take a bunch of meal pictures for you to enjoy.

You might wonder what the topic of today’s What I Ate Wednesday is about. I found myself in a sweets and comfort foods rut recently – not that having sweets or comforting yourself with some not so healthy food from time to time is a bad thing, but when it exceeds 50% of your diet and your skinny jeans start to get really uncomfy… it is probably time to say goodbye to this two old friends of mine for a while.


apple and cranberry oatmeal


baked sweet potato with a side of spinach, avocado, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes and green olives


Greek yogurt mixed with half a mashed banana and topped of with frozen berries


whole wheat bread with herb cheese, an egg and cucumbers

I also had some more snacks with me at university, but those are not pictured and not worth mentioning.

How do you deal with unhealthy food ruts and what are your favorite meals and snacks when it comes to getting back into your skinny jeans?

Oh and before I forgot: