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This week you do not get only one, but two editions of the Health Ninja Weekly, since last weeks did not come out due to editorial issues (read – no time whatsoever). This way you get double the posts and links and fun today.

My Posts

What I Ate Wednesday {The Snacky Way}

Last weeks What I Ate Wednesday was a perfect example of Halloween candy going crazy and filling up my meal plan until it bursts. Not that it was already Halloween then. And do not wonder – most of the candy eating happened later in the evening and was not even pictured. Of course everyone should be allowed to have one (or two) bad week(s) of eating – it’s just important to remember to get back on track.

What I Ate Wednesday {Taking Care Of Me}

Thus this week I decided that it was time to cut back on candys and comfort foods and fill my belly with all the healthy stuff. You could also call it “the revival of bread and butter” – not that I had actually bread with butter, but a lot of bread with cheese, eggs and probably some pbj here and there – not that this one would be new.

Favorite Reads

. WIAW … what true health is [to me] . (.running with spoons.)

This week beautiful Amanda referred to me in a post of hers, for making her addicted to homemade apple sauce on top of her usual yogurt mess. You’re welcome ;)!

Babies On The Blog….
(The Diva Dish)

My heart goes to Arie for this post. I love her blog – especially all the cute stories of her amazing family and I think it is just purely evil that there are people out there who spent their time bullying such wonderful blogs for sharing their little world with us. I can totally understand her considerations whether she still should post pictures of her kids, though it makes me sad that bullies have such an influence on our little blog sphere.

Nice Finds

I joined the National Health Blog Post Month – not that I claim I would write a post everday for thirty days, but I still like the idea of the community growing together and would love to write about a few of the prompts. So today’s prompt: Write a #ListOf3 Things that you’re thankful for / excited about / or inspired by This is an easy one – Family, friends and health.

I bought a freezer (on ebay)

That’s right – I bought a freezer last weekend. Or, not exactly me: my dad did the auction, but I had to pay ;). And now I am like crazy cooking to fill it with healthy meals to grab and defrost when I come home from a busy day of work and classes. This weekend I made vegan beer chili (for recipe scroll down) and a huge pot of pea soup.

Baked Pumpkin Donuts

I am still searching for great recipes to make mini donuts for my mom’s birthday party on saturday (who’s actual birthday is today – so Happy Birthday, Mom!) and this recipe was a winner. Amazing. A friend of mine came over for chili cooking yesterday and she was blown away.

Favorite Eats

Vegan Beer Chili by Minimalist Baker

And here comes the famous chili we had yesterday. I made a huge batch and have some frozen leftovers for later. This will also be the meal I will be cooking for the vegetarian guests on my mom’s birthday. Oh yes, right, you can be jealous, meat eaters, you!