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So here I am again after terribly failing in putting together my beloved WIAW post this week I have something exciting for you: I am finally writing about fitness and workouts again, because – I am finally engaging in sports again, like I planned for a while now. You probably remember that I told you a while ago about a groupon deal that I purchased: for 1 month I am allowed to train and join all the classes in a gym, which I wanted to join for a while now. And I finally started my try-out-month this Monday.

(source: http://leclubwestisland.wordpress.com/kickboxing-muay-thai/)

So what is so special about this gym? It offers a diversity of martial art classes with professional trainers, who are specialized and experienced in their field of martial arts. I do not know if you made similar experience, but always when I took martial art classes in gyms they turned out to be more of an aerobic fidgeting than procuring actual skills and techniques.

Thus when I planned to visit the “Lady’s Fight” class on Monday, I did not expect too much. The title was not very promissing and I was awaiting a Tae Bo like class for girls only. Oh my was I wrong… I had an hour of Insanity-like warm up, strenght training (Push ops on your knees? Are you kidding me? Up with you!) and sparring that did not only leave you sweaty and red faced, but also with several bruises and a stitch. (Oh, she hit you in your face? Go, and do 10 push ups!) So, what shall I say? I loved every single minute of it! The only sad thing is, that this class is only taking place once every week.

This left me prepared for “Thai Boxing” on  Tuesday. I was not expecting a lot of girls to visit this class and, hey, it turned out that I was the only one in the midst of a dozen guys. Good that my former kick boxing class in a real dojo, which I took two years ago, was not different from that – so I was not intimidated. Anyways – you are going to notice, guys are way more cautiously fighting with girls than girls are. I did not leave this class bruised, but still have pretty amazing muscle soreness in my back, arms and tummy – especially the tummy. We were doing strength training for the abs, since most of the movements in thai boxing are supported by the abs – and my abdominal muscles are weak like a baby. Thus I decided to come up with a decent ab workout, which I can do at home. I hope to share it with you soon.

(source: http://www.kravfitnow.com/kick-boxing.html)

Are you into Martial Arts or have you ever tried any class? What are important points for you when you choose a gym?