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I know, I know the word “Detox” is like all over the health blogger world and it tends to get annoying over the time. But seriously sometimes it is the only thing that helps if you find yourself in an unhealthy food rut. I am not a huge fan of juice fasting or soup fasting or stupid stuff like the master cleanse (but that’s probably just because I become a ravenous monster destroying everyone with death-looks just after half a day of restricting myself to liquids) and seriously how effective can they be? Your metabolism slows down to turtle speed and if your not planning to stay on the detox for the long term you are just going to feel more miserable afterwards (not talking about those lousy moody days while you are in it).

Instead of making myself resigning all solid foods I pointed out the villains: sugar and white carbohydrates. So starting Sunday, after my Mom’s birthday party tomorrow, I am going on a hardcore rehab. The only exception from this rule will be eating in the canteen of my university – since I really cannot rule out pasta or white rice there.

(just to give you a little hint what big of a sugar monster I am at the moment: while posting this picture I thought about going out to get some wine gums…)

On the other hand I do not want to focus on the foods that I am ruling out, but on what I am going to eat instead. I want to add in a lot of healthy proteins, fruits and veggies and whole grains, also healthy fats are going to play a role. So, finally I would like to share a short brainstorm with you how my meals for the next weeks could look like:


  • green monster (I cannot believe how long I missed out on them)
  • smoothies
  • fruit with buttermilk (one of my favorite breakfast when I went to Morocco)

or if I need something more filling

  • oatmeal
  • millet porridge
  • healthy elvis
  • whole wheat bread and eggs or avocado


  • hippie bowls (read: whole grains with veggies and protein)
  • salad with grains
  • spaghetti squash pasta



  • omelette and other egg dishes
  • soups and stews (especially with beans and lentils)
  • Indian dishes (I wanted to do some Indian cooking for a while now)

I would be really happy if you guy’s have more ideas and recommendations for me!