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Dojo Time or What I Am Doing At The Moment

Finally I got back into a training routine. I joined a gym which offers amazing martial arts classes and enjoyed my first thai boxing workouts. In this post I was babbling about the difference in training martial arts with girls or with guys and why you should not be afraid of the latter.

November Sugar Detox

I am, like most of the food bloggers I know, a little (who am I kidding? huge) sugar addict. And with christmas coming around and you know that you will gain one or two pounds over the holiday I thought it might be wise cutting back on sugar and processed (=white) carbs in those few weeks of November left – o.m.g. are there really 3 more weeks??? And it is just my first day in the detox…

Favorite Reads

pumpkin muffins (everyday oats)

Do not laugh at me! First thing that comes into my mind after talking about my sugar detox are, who might have guessed it, baked goods. And what can be better than some good old sweet pumpkin this season? Guess I have to find a good substitute for sugar in my baking – btw wait for it: I will share my amazing banookie recipe soon and try to make a version with pumpkin.

Apricot Ginger Chia Chews
(healthful pursuit)

No need to pitty me – I can still enjoy some sweetness as long as it comes from fruit. Look at these amazing fruit and nut bars. Aren’t they the perfect snack to grab? I totally cast an eye at them. Thanks Leanne, and beautiful pictures by the way!

Nice Finds

Talking about beautiful photography – you have to visit Emilie’s blog! It is not just truly beautiful, but also full of charme and delish recipes.

Do something good (Christmas is coming…)

(source: http://www.etsy.com/)

There are so many opportunities out there to give something back. I have to admit that I am one of those persons who run around busy all year, head full of her own stuff and just remembers that I should take some time to think about others who are not as lucky as me, when the holidays are coming around. But I guess it is okey, as long as I do remember. This year I found a great organisation who collects presents and spreads them among poor children – it is colled “presents of hope” and works only in Germany, but I am sure that you will find something similar wherever you live.

Favorite Eats

(source: http://thenoshery.com/2010/12/01/deep-dish-spiced-caramel-apple-pie/)

Mom’s Deep Dish Apple Pie

Which looks something like the picture above and was the reason that I postponed my sugar detox for one more day, since I had dibs on leftovers. And who could blame me for that? I really should learn how to make this pie. It is not only sinfully delicious, but also not as much of a sin as it might look like – the cake base is really thin and it is filled with a ton of apples and raisins and almonds!