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I did it! And I must say I am quite proud of me. Who would have thought that I actually manage to take some pictures of my food this week (it is crazy busy around here) and to take part in my favorite party of the week?

And this time the WIAW theme fits me very well – thanks Jenn! Enjoy a day in my November sugar detox:

Breakfast (purchased in the cantine of my university)

whole wheat bun with dried fruit and nuts & a cup of cappuccino

Snack: 1 orange (I leave it to your imagination)

Lunch (also purchased in the cantine, but eaten at my workplace)

tuna and egg salad with italian dressing (sans the onion – hate raw onion!)

Snack (should fill me up for an hour of Thaiboxing)

Banookie Time!!! with caramel roibos tea & some greek yogurt with apple sauce (unpictured)

These babies are so delicious and the perfect treat for those of you who are on a sugar detox. The ingredients are amazing – hint, there is even some green hidden somewhere. Though you might want to skip the dark chocolate chips, since there is a little sugar in them – I did not care! Recipe follows soon…

Dinner (my stomach was crying for food in this late hour after my tb training)

hake filet with rosemary and olive, jumbo fries with a lot of ketchup, massaged kale salad with avocado, cukes, cherry tomatoes and bell pepper

By the way: this fish was the best frozen product I purchased in months. This is going to be a staple for healthy dinners on busy days.

Hope you all had a nice week so far. Tell me bout it:

What is your favorite sugarfree treat?