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It might have seemed like I have not been around lately. But believe me when I tell you that I actually was – just in a more passive way than usually. No blogging, no commenting, just reading and enjoying all of your posts and pictures … basically, I have been stalking all of you in a creepy way.

Seriously, first masters semester is getting to me and I had a heap of papers to write, presentations to prepare and exams to study for (which sadly are still not over yet) on top of that the holidays were pretty time consuming, in a good way of course. So now that paper and presentation time is over and me, like most of you I bet, is trying to get back into healthy habits (and shape) after those unhealthy (but oh so enjoyable) holiday months – I decided that it is time to bring up some posts and a breath of fresh air into the blog. I do have some big plans regarding content and design of it, though I will not promise that those changes will be made before the end of my exam period (first week of February).

To sugar-coat the waiting, I would like to share with you a few of my recent eats:

and what opportunity would be better for it than WIAW 103 *whohoo*! (Sadly I missed the 100. party…)

shrimp stir fryVeggie stir fry with shrimps, chili tofu and some avocado

breakfast eggsScrambled eggs and avocado on rye

red grapesOne of my favorite snacks: red grapes

salmon and asparagusOrganic salmon, green asparagus and a rye bun

tuna pizza

A healthy way to enjoy your tuna pizza? SHARE! I never buy pizza to eat it alone, but instead make my boyfriend share it with me – saves me a lot of calories and leaves even some place for greens on his plate(win win, right 😉 ? ).

louAnd Lou got really huge. Most of the time she is a pain in the a**, but I still love her… especially when she squeaks and jumps out of the sink as soon as I let the water run.