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Lifting iron does not only help men to get the shape they are longing for. There are a lot of great fitness role models out there, who got their toned beautiful figures with regular weight lifting exercises. One of my favorites is MC Barao:

mc barao

She is a perfect example what healthy, clean eating and regular weight exercises can do for your body and that it takes patience and dedication to achieve your goals.

mc barao barbellsBuilding muscles has amazing effects on the shape of your body, plus in the long run they help you to maintain a healthy weight by raising your BMR. When you are dieting regular strength training should be more often on your workout plan than cardio. Studies showed, that dieters who only do cardio exercise lose more weight compared to those who do strength training. But the cardio group lost muscles and fat, while the strength group lost fat only (and compared to the cardio group even more of it). Another proof how insignificant the number on the scale can be.

But enough of the babble. What I primarily wanted to share with you is my

Barbell Workout for Women

3 rounds of 12 exercises + rope skipping in between (~60 minutes)

2 min skipping

1. Deadlift *10 (*pic)
2. Barbell Bent Over Row *10 (*pic)
3. Military Press *10 (*pic)
4. Squats *10 (*pic)

2 min skipping

5. Bicep Curls *10 (*pic)
6. Bench Press *10 (*pic)
7. Skull Crushers *10 (*pic)
8. Lunges *10 (*pic)

2 min skipping

9. Russian Twist² *20 (*pic)
10. Sit Ups² *15 (*pic)
11. Bicycle Chrunches *20 (*pic)
12. Plank 45 sec (*pic)

After 3 rounds finish off with 2 more minutes of skipping

² with weights (e.g. dumbbells)

I did this workout today and all in all it took me 60 minutes to finish. You can variate it according to your strength level by either adjusting the weight of your barbell or adding repetitions. And do not forget to stretch afterwards!

If you are interested in my regular daily workouts. I am sharing those on my tumblr.