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Don’t you hate those days when it is just not getting sunny outside? We had way too many of them recently. And even when the sun showed up – it was in those few hours that I spent sitting in class or working behind my desk in the office. But the main reason that I am so annoyed with the weather is my handy camera. I just need good natural light to make pretty shots of my food. So today you have to deal with bad lightning, low quality – still delicious – wrap up of my recent eats.

Thanks for hosting, Jenn – and by the way: I just love the retro button!
eggy oats and coffeeWhile working on my new tumblr design, which cost me quite some time and nerves, and after an amazing barbell workout I enjoyed an amazing bowl of fluffy oats with peanut butter. I also changed my header, as you may have noticed, to fit the tumblr design.

cookie dough balls

Most of my Sunday I spent studying. And what helps best to get those little s**kers of cue cards into my head? Healthy snacking! I made a batch of Cookie Dough Protein Balls (thanks Amanda, they always do their work), added a Pink Lady apple and a huge can of strawberry black tea – and was ready to get my head smoking.

kale quinoa and salmonSunday dinner was smaller than usual. Just some quinoa with kale and mushrooms, topped with half a salmon fillet and avocado. But I needed to leave some place for Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream (unpictured, sorry my appetite ran over my motivation to make a nice picture).

To make up for it – some more pictures of my eats from Monday to Wednesday:

oatmeal cookie dough crumble

Tuesday breakfast: Apple Cinnamon Oats topped with half a banana, some cottage cheese and half a crumbled cookie dough ball.

berrie cottage cheese

Wednesday breakfast: Cottage cheese & low fat curd sweetened with agave, added some vanilla and cinammon, topped of with blueberries, raspberries and half a cookie dough ball.

pattie egg salad

Today’s office lunch: Spinach salad with yellow bell pepper, mushrooms, avocado, vegetarian pattie and an egg.

My healthy start of the year is going great so far! I’ve already lost four pounds and feel way more comfortable in my skin. By the way: boyfriend made a resolution to quit smoking – and stayed strong so far!

What where your new years resolutions? Do you stick to them?