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It’s Wednesday again (uh no, less than a week till my first exam) and luckily I did take a lot of mouthwatering pictures (most of them were already published on my tumblr) through out the week which I can share with you today. Means: Writing a flavorful post in no time, which is much needed for studying.

hand rollsFriday’s lunch: my first batch of homemade hand rolls, filled with cucumber, avocado, tofu, smoked salmon and chili mayonnaise


Sunday’s breakfast: Rye bun with avocado and salmon, cucumber, 8-minute egg, apple (Elstar is my favorite) & blueberries with buttermilk

I needed something substantial after 1 hour of barbell workout and cycling. And nothing starts a Sunday better than a long breakfast with my boyfriend. Sadly we had to spend the rest of the day studying.

vegan boeuf stroganoffSunday’s lunch: Vegan Boeuf Stroganoff (using my recipe) – I just forgot to add the cream, hence the color difference – on a bed of brown rice

baked oats

Sunday’s dinner: Some raspberry baked oats, drizzled with almond butter and agave as an appetizer, followed by red wine and popcorn to call it a day

veggie meatball soupTuesday’s lunch: Veggie Meatball Soup (using my recipe – just different vegetables)

Sometimes having a little recipe database on your homepage can be really useful. Recently I’ve been too busy surfing the web for kitchen inspirations (who am I kidding? quinoa cups *cough*) and was quite thankful that I have a lot of easy healthy lunches already at hand. By the way – I made 3 portions of soup and froze the remaining, so that I could have them next week.

banana oats

Today’s breakfast: and what would a WIAW be without some serious fluffy oat action? I added some peanut butter  agave and cottage cheese on top, had a side of Women’s Health and coffee and started my studious Wednesday.

Hope you girls had some equally delicious days? What was your favorite meal of the week? And what are your favorite oatmeal toppings?